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Perfect for every situation

By combining a passion for hunting and innovative engineering, a hunting weapon has been developed which has set new standards. Conceived as a press hunting weapon, the INNOGUN HYBRID combines the advantages of a multi-barrel break-action weapon. Different calibres, safety and robustness, easy handling with rapidity and fire power are combined in a single weapon.

Uncompromisingly safe

With the HYBRID safety is the priority. The weapon is only cocked directly before firing. During repeat firing, the cocking slide is in the tensioned position and the weapon is immediately ready to fire again. The upper barrel is locked directly in the breech block using a hook part. A double row revolving head breech with three dimples locks directly into the lower barrel. This way, a high degree of safety and reliability is achieved

Modular construction

The modular construction system enables the weapon to be adapted to individual requirements with only a few hand operations. Due to the knockdown ability of the barrel set it is possible to change calibre at any time, simply and economically! Every HYBRID can be converted from an over and under shotgun rifle to a ‘Bergstutze’ or a double barrel rifle.

The lower barrel, the magazine and its breech can be changed as required within the product family. With individual combinations of the barrel set, is possible to achieve a multitude of barrel and calibre combinations in order to match the broad spectrum of game which can be legally hunted anywhere in the world. The integrated mounting point enables a flexible, repeatable robust sight mounting.

Rapid firing

The repeater unit under the barrel allows rapid and safe firing. At no time when reloading do the hands leave the pump action or the pistol grip. They remain in contact and thus guarantee continuous target tracking even when reloading. Rapid reloading is guaranteed through the use of a downward movement replacement magazine. Reloading of the upper barrel is achieved by breaking the complete barrel set.

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