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Handy, light and controllable

Developed as the smaller brother of the INNOGUN, the HYBRIDIMPULS fulfils every wish. As a flexible, all-round multi-purpose gun, it fulfils a range of applications. The graceful IMPULS excels through its revolutionary lightness (Weight only 2.7 kg (approx.)) uncompromising rapidity, and fire power in various calibres.

Rapid firing

The repeater unit allows rapid and safe firing. At no time when reloading do the hands leave the pump action or the pistol grip. They remain in contact and thus guarantee continuous target tracking even when reloading. Rapid reloading is guaranteed through the use of a downward movement replacement magazine.

Modular construction

The modular construction system enables the weapon to be adapted to individual requirements with only a few hand operations. The barrel, breech block and magazine are accurately manufactured thus these components can be used with IMPULS as well as with HYBRID. The integrated mounting point permits a flexible, repeatable robust sight mounting

Take down

Rapid assembly and dismantling is possible without any tools. The handy ‘Take down’ concept makes IMPULS a trusty companion on hunting trips.

Uncompromisingly safe

Only directly before firing is the weapon cocked. During repeat firing the cocking slide in tensioned position, the weapon is immediately ready to fire again. A double row revolving head breech with three dimples locks directly into the lower barrel. This way, a high degree of safety and reliability is achieved.

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