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  • varied
  • repeat accuracy
  • hardened steel

Picatinny – Blaser

Picture shows multirail with suitable mounts


Bestellnummer Multirail
Picatinny – Blaser

Tikka T312-PT-800-00-400
Benelli Argo12-PT-800-00-273
Browning BAR12-PT-800-00-003
Mauser 98/M1212-PT-800-00-010
Remington 700 -LA12-PT-800-LA-012
Remington 700 -SA12-PT-800-SA-012
Sauer 100/10112-PT-800-00-014
Sauer 202 12-PT-800-00-407

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Picatinny – Schwenkmontage SM


Bestellnummer Multirail
Picatinny – Schwenkmontage SM

Tikka T312-PT-SM-00-400
Benelli Argo12-PT-SM-00-273
Browning BAR12-PT-SM-00-003
Mauser 98/M1212-PT-SM-00-010
Remington 700 -LA12-PT-SM-LA-012
Remington 700 -SA12-PT-SM-SA-012
Sauer 100/10112-PT-SM-00-014
Sauer 202 12-PT-SM-00-407

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Verfügbar für:

Tikka T3

Sauer 100/101/202

Browning BAR

Benelli Argo

Mauser 98/M12

Remington 700 LA

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